Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Dear Journal

I am trying to find a balance on what I am eating.  I have seen the dietician and she suggested I follow the diabetic food guide however after speaking to those who do crossfit and the coaches, they suggest more of a paleo type of diet. This is something incredibly new to me... I have spent a lot of time online researching it.

I have already changed the way I eat so much in the last three months.  I have cut out 90% of junk food, stopped drinking pop (haven't had any since Feb. 26th) and cut down on unhealthy carbs.  I also have upped how much water I am intaking.

All this advice is very conflicting.  So I have decided to keep track and do whatever feels right.  I am trying to take in a little of everyone's advice.  For now.  I need to find something that works for me.

For those who are looking for more information on Paleo this website is AWESOME


So here is what I have eaten today.  I work midnights so it is difficult for me to track food, as I don't sleep a lot.

8am - Banana

10am - coffee

11am - 3 slices cheese wrapped in 3 slices of deli chicken
          - 3 pieces of pineapple

1pm - 1 hard boiled egg

4pm - handful of mixed nuts

6pm - 1 cup of rice with 1 sausage and mixed peppers sauteed in salsa


11pm - Salad and 1 banana


~ Tracy

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